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About Healing Bermuda

Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis was authored by Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot, Dr. Sabrina Famous, and Beth Hollis of Ocean Rock Wellness. The book aims to provide Bermuda residents with information on some of the island's most common health challenges. 

What others are saying:

"This book is not just an awesome addition to my local book collection but an easy to read, informative/educational and extremely helpful guide to overall health and longevity. Thank you Ocean Rock Wellness for trying to positively contribute to a better Bermuda. The work has begun and your efforts and expertise are greatly appreciated. I will re-read this version and try my best to apply the suggestions to my advantage".

~ Respectfully, Dr Mellisa Gibbons Tankard, Educational Psychologist

"This book offered easy to follow guidance and recommendations from knowledgeable doctors and practitioners. It is a comprehensive guide to understanding holistic, functional healthcare. And most importantly, why it matters. I also loved the stories they told and the lessons they learned which got them to where they are today. It hits close to home but the practitioners offer their expertise and reassurance. It was easy to read and one I will pass along to each and every one of my family members!"

~ Sarah Wight

"Many thanks for the excellent book. I’m finding it very helpful." ~ Ivena Laurenceo

"I am grateful for your book, it was a wake up call. A jump start for me to get serious about my health and my family's health. Easy to apply instructions, tips and recipes. Thanks for the info. and inspiration."

~ Jen Young

"Healing Bermuda’s title was initially intriguing. Identifying the health crisis in Bermuda and world-wide, got my attention in the first chapter. Learning to advocate for yourself, asking your health care provider for alternative solutions to taking prescriptive medicine, made sense to me. Having a description of heart healthy supplements, micronutrient testing - that measures levels of nutrient deficiencies, and why stress management is important, are just a few of the tips provided. Concise, easy to follow format, and a great reference."


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